How to Deal: Frustration and Work Woes - The GMAT Awaits!

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How to Deal: Frustration and Work Woes - The GMAT Awaits!

Post Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:16 am
Hi All,

I have been a member of "Beat the GMAT!" for some time now. I love this site. Thank you all for providing such good information on GMAT related topics.

I have another conundrum I was hoping you could help with.

I am totally exhausted at work, and fading fast. I open my GMAT books when I get home, do some problems, then go to sleep. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly? I did have a great tutor with Veritas Prep, who told me that he believed I was on the "right track".

My major concern here is that I will get into the test center and totally lose it. I did that last time, and scored a measly 550. Now, bear in mind that this was a score I received by not even trying. I blew through the test - I think my Verbal score must have bolstered it.

Any suggestions? I am currently keeping a GMAT error log, but found it super time consuming. I know my mistakes are numerous, but usually boil down to the following:

1. Silly mistakes doing simple calculations (add a number wrong, forget to carry a "1", etc.)
2. Some content knowledge issues (geometry was a big confusion, but watched a Veritas Prep Geometry module, made about 125 Geometry flashcards, reviewed formulas)
3. Probability contennt issues - reviewed this subject a million times...still confused!
4. Still a little rusty on Critical Reasoning. Found Veritas and MGMAT to have good methods. Would I confuse myself a little too much by utilizing one method for CR and one for SC?

Lastly, how does everyone keep up their strength? It is currently July 6th, and my test is in exactly two months. I am taking my first practice test this weekend. Any suggestions on how to maintain positivity? I am looking forward to changing my career and moving on from my current job.

Thank you all for any advice you can provide! I love this site, and truly respect your opinions.


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Post Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:10 am

What you are going through is a very common feeling amongst GMAT aspirants. So, relax, as you are not the only one Smile Often, people find it difficult to manage both work and their reparation.

You can probably consider taking a 3 - 4 weeks off from your job, before your GMAT. This will help you in focussing on your preparation without worrying about the work. If that is not possible, concentrate on your preparation during your off time (2-3 hhours per day is a must)

Practice on full length tests and identify your weaknesses (you already seem to have a good idea bout them). After that focus on your weaknesses by brushing the concepts therein and practising on those topics individually. Once the weaknesses have been worked upon, get back to practising full length tests.

Hope this helps!!!

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