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GMAT Prep Exam pack 1 vs Exam pack 2

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14 Aug 2016
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GMAT Prep Exam pack 1 vs Exam pack 2

Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:16 am
Hi all,

This might sound a bit odd, but can we buy and install exam pack 2 without buying exam pack 1 prior to that??

The reason is that i've came across some questions on the web and they turned out to be from Exam pack 1, so i am a bit concerned that if i encounter the same problems (given the fact that the question banks is very limited on these exam packs) my score will be inflated to a point that i won't be able to assess myself properly.

I have another concern as well in case someone is able to give me some insights.

I've recently taken gmat prep exam2 (the free one) and i got a score of 730 (Q:49 and V:40).

However i've encountered some questions in both sections that i've came across on websites like "Beat the GMAT" and others (3-4 in quantitative which i actually did wrong), (4 in verbal of which 2 i've got them wrong and between the 2 that i got right only 1 i still had the right answer in mind)

In GMAT prep exam 1 i scored 670 (Q:48 and V:33) and this was a retake (1st time was taken 3 months ago, and i scored 650)

However prior to that i've taken 3 MGMAT CATS and got the below score:
CAT1: 640 (V:34)
CAT2: 630 (V:34)
CAT3: 590 (V:34) (the most recent, 1 week before gmatprep exam2)

So my verbal was pretty much stagnant for almost 2 months although i've worked intensively on that section, but it didn't move a bit, yet suddenly my score increased dramatically in the gmat prep 2 exam.

To note as well that there was one striking difference between gmat prep exam 1 and exam2, on the first i got the last 5 answers wrong as i running out of time, but in exam 2 i got the first 8 questions correct and the last 7 questions correct as well and i didn't have to rush through the answers at the end. I had the impression that my time management was just to the point, neither too slow nor too fast.

Given all the above, how much do you think my score is inflated?? i am in the 700's range??

My exam is on the 9th of september, and i still have only 5 full days of study (4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th of september), any idea on how i should spend these 5 days to get the most out of them?

I was thinking about taking 2 gmat prep exam from pack 1 or 2, and revise the questions from question pack 1, without going back to the OG problems as i still remember most of them, and i don't think that seeing a familiar problem add that much of a value.

Any insight would be much appreciated.




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OfficialGMAT Official Company Rep
12 Jun 2012
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Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:28 am
Hi Joe,

Thank you for your inquiry. You can absolutely choose to only purchase Exam Pack 2 without having to purchase the Exam Pack 1.

To purchase the GMATPrep Exam Pack 2, please visit the link below:


I am writing to confirm that the GMATPrep scoring algorithm is accurate. Like the GMAT® exam, an individual’s GMATPrep exam score is determined by the number of questions answered accurately, and more importantly, by the difficulty level of the questions answered as well. It is possible to earn a similar score for the same section in two different exams even when you answer more questions incorrectly in one exam than another.

In both the free GMATPrep software and in GMATPrep Exam 1 or Exam 2, there are enough questions to populate two exams each. Once you take the exams in the free software more than twice, or in the Exam Pack more than twice, you will begin to see repeat questions. This may alter the scoring outcome of your exams.

The predictive value of these tests may be affected by the extent to which actual testing conditions are adhered to during practice testing sessions. For example, if you were to suspend testing and resume the test later, an option that you have with GMATPrep software but not with the actual GMAT CAT exam, you might score higher on GMATPrep test than you would otherwise.

Official GMAC Representative

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