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GMAT 770, EduShastra Review, Myths & Mistakes

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26 Nov 2017
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GMAT 770, EduShastra Review, Myths & Mistakes

Post Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:44 pm
How ‘NOT’ To prepare for GMAT

Forums are full of “How to prepare for GMAT”. This post is about “How ‘NOT’ to prepare for GMAT”.

One of the most important strategy in GMAT is to find out the wrong choices to identify the right answer. This post is dedicated to “Avoiding Myths & Mistakes” strategy.

Myth & Mistake-1: Going after a Brand or a No.1 education company.

All Branded books are easily available in the market at very low-cost. A student joins any help or coaching to get a personalized learning experience. A Teacher-Student relation is analogous to a Mother-Child relation. There is nothing called “No. 1 Mother”. Every mother is No. 1 for her Kids and the reason is her personalized attention.

Rather than sitting in a large group with “No. 1”, you should aim for a personalized attention.

Myth & Mistake-2: Deciding after taking Demos.

All Institutes stage their Demos. They are very carefully planned. The teacher is usually the teacher, who does not teach regularly. If anyone says “Book your demo” or guide you to a specific time, then it is staged. The best way is to ask them about their class timings and insist on sitting in the ongoing class. If you feel the focus is on you, then you are at the wrong place.

Try to identify honest institutes. Honesty should be a very important deciding factor.

Myth & Mistake-3: Choosing Institute which makes “Toppers” or just focus on “Past Records”.

Never choose any institute if its marketing is focused on this fundamental. Keep your basics simple. Think what you want from it and focus on its delivery. You are there for education, not to hear its past stories.

Institutes focus on this factor to take your attention away from their product. Your focus should only be on their product, their teachers, their teaching methodologies, their course structures, etc.

Myth & Mistake-4: Jo dikhta hai, Wo (Nahi) Bikta hai.

A good product needs no marketing. Weak products need marketing. Whenever you see lots of marketing effort, Google ads, ATL or BTL, it proves that the product is weak. Strong product does not need all these advertisements. In the marketing world, out of 4Ps, the product is supreme. Focus on “Product”.

Myth & Mistake-5: Marketing Gimmick-GMAT Toppers or ISB Alumni as Teachers.

This is the most commonly used marketing tool, which has a flawed assumption. Now I am talking more of “Critical Reasoning” language. The flawed assumption is “All Toppers are good Teachers”. Teaching needs a very different skill set. The teaching is to impart knowledge; all toppers cannot be good teachers and all good teachers cannot be toppers.

Myth & Mistake-6: Institutes offering Patented Techniques or “Tips & Tricks”.

All tests require “Hard Work”. If someone can patent “Hard-work”, then this “Gimmick” should be accepted. “Tips & Tricks” are developed with your hard-work. Shortcuts should be evolved and should never be learnt from someone else. Particularly for GMAT, which is more of an IQ test, “Techniques, Tips & Tricks” should be evolved.

Myth & Mistake-7: GMAT will take me to Harvard.

The student’s full profile will work. The GMAT is a one small part of the profile. Look at all business schools as a family, no family will allow you to be their part till the time they see their values or virtues in you. Every Business school has a distinct positioning and your profile should be positioned in the same way. Profile building is the main work and every person should concentrate on.

Myth & Mistake-8: Adopting Toppers Strategies.

Hear everyone, but adopt none. Every person develops his own ways depending upon his Strengths & Weaknesses or as per his conditions. Good for someone may not be good for you. Hear everyone, but adopt only wisely.

Myth & Mistake-9: Practice-More the merrier.

Practice Better, Not More. The practice should have a direction, running in circles will not help. Do Tests and review. Keep error Logs and keep on practicing. Practice wisely, so that every time you move, you should learn from your past mistakes. Do not overdo the tests.

Myth & Mistake-9: Teachers will take me to 700+.

Teachers show us directions. Unless you practice the topics taught in the class, it will not work. I saw many students thinking that if they spend more time in classes, it will help.

Myth & Mistake-10: All tests just needs lot of studying, no need to focus on health.

Healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body. I see many students not focusing on their health during exams. Many of the studious people have unhealthy bodies. You need to balance life with at least 7-8 hours’ sleep.

Myth & Mistake-11: I do not need any peer group.

You learn more from peers than the teachers. The most important factor will be jealousy. Competition in the group brings the best out of you. I was very fortunate that all others in my group were good. They have already scored more than 700 in prep tests. Every test was like a world war where every one of us wanted to beat everyone else in the group.

Myth & Mistake-12: I will study and practice from lot of free materials on net.

Beware of free materials. There is no free lunch. Some free materials are good, but most of it is crap. The real test is different from the Free tests you see on the net. You will be caught off-guard if you are preparing from the net material.

Myth & Mistake-13: Beware from 30 day toppers, 15 day toppers.

This is the most common way of advertisement. Become a topper in 30 days or 15 days. It’s hilarious. This is a perfect example of fraud marketing. The GMAT is an IQ test. Only Asterix magic potion can do it and nothing else.

Myth & Mistake-14: You can deceive computer adaptive algorithm.

Please do not try. GMAC has evolved a test which cannot be deceived. Every question can carry you “Up” and throw you “Down”. Each question is important and has the same value as others do.

One more myth is when a student believes that difficult questions carry more marks. And easy questions weightage is low. Do not read too much into any strategy. Work hard and it will show.

One more mistake is trying to gauge your performance by counting correct questions out of total. This is the reason why the GMAC computer algorithm is difficult to copy.

If you see easy questions, you are not doomed. It does not necessarily mean that your test is not going well.

Myth & Mistake-15: Quant is important, Engineers have an advantage.

Engineers do not have any advantage in this test. Rather, they are at a disadvantage because their strength (Quant.) does not have substantial weightage. I have seen many students crossing 700 with 40 in quant and Q40 can be achieved by more than 80% of the test givers.

Myth & Mistake-15: I am good in English, verbal will be kids play.

Verbal is not English, verbal is all about IQ. The only portion of the grammar it touches is SC. But the way GMAT tests your grammar is more based on IQ rather than grammar rules. SC is more about identifying the wrong choices rather than the correct one. It depends on how easily you can see 2-3 splits and apply logic to find the correct answer.

In GMAT, there is no perfect answer, you must mark the “Most” correct answer. There might not be any perfect answer in the five choices.

Myth & Mistake-16: Choosing a help or any coaching because others are choosing it.

Never follow the group. A leader never follows. If you will move with a group, you will always be with them. If you will create your paths, then only you can beat others.

Your choices should be based on your experience and how a help will help you cover your shortcomings. I found EduShastra customized approach much better than others. I also found their teachers dedicated to their students.

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Ryan Menon Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
09 Oct 2016
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Post Tue Dec 26, 2017 3:46 am
Very Helpful Post. Must read for all.

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