Exam in 4 days: Please rate this issue essay!!

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08 May 2008
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Exam in 4 days: Please rate this issue essay!!

Post Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:09 am
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    "A business should not be held responsible for providing customers with complete information about its products or services; customers should have the responsibility of gathering information about the products or services they may want to buy."

    My response

    The author is of the opinion that a business should not be held responsible for providing customers with complete information about its products or services. It is rather customers' responsibility to gather information about the products or services they want to buy. I differ with this opinion because it is not completely suited for our times where customer is the king, it suggests passivity for businesses and does not consider the need for certain corporate laws.

    First of all, in this age where customer is the king, it is not very wise to suggest that customer's need to be handed over the responsibility to inform themselves about a product. A customer needs to make decisions about what he wants to buy and he needs the service of the business to make his decision. If the customer is given an additional task to completely inform himself about the product the customer's task becomes all the more difficult. This is against the principle of customer is the king.

    Besides, if the opinion of the author was practical and reasonable most countries in the world will not have corporate laws such as the law of transparent advertising in Germany which clearly states that all businesses have the responsibility to clearly make the information regarding the technical features and pricing of their products transparent. The law goes further and states that businesses need to advertise for their products by assuming that the target customer has an average knowledge and understanding base. This shows that the law hands businesses this responsibility to provide their customers with the information regarding their products.

    Furthermore, the author is trying to argue for a passive approach by businesses. In today's world of intense competition no business can afford to let its competitors win over customers. If the businesses wait for customers to inform themselves their competitors are bound to lure these customers away from the products of these businesses towards their products. While it is true that the customer knows best what he wants, he still needs to be assisted in every possible way. A good customer service is often one of the business strategies that wins over customers.

    To sum it up, I do not agree with the weak and ill-reasoned opinion of the author because of the fact that seems to hand over customers with more responsibility in a time where customer is regarded as the king, that it propogates a passive approach for businesses and that it tries to render certain important corporate laws useless. To defend his case, the author needs to provide examples where customers got more due to less service by businesses and also shows that certain corporate laws can be modified in the best interest of customers.

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    Post Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:39 am
    I'd give this a low 4, borderline 3.

    To the good:
    Clear thesis
    Clear organization (intro paragraph, conclusion, examples in the middle, etc.)
    Logical reasons to disagree with the opinion expressed in the prompt
    Relevant real-world example with good detail (Germany's laws)

    The above are all critical things and I'm very happy to see that you had them. There are other things you could do to get a better score:

    - there are some grammar errors (last sentence of first paragraph is a run-on, there are articles missing, eg, THE customer is king)
    - you have only one real-world example; you need two. Every major point you make needs to have a concrete example to support it, but your competitor theory doesn't have a real-world example
    - your conclusion sounds a bit like what you're supposed to do for the argument essay, not the issue essay. The issue quote will NEVER try to prove its point or defend its case. It just expresses and opinion. You aren't meant to say whether you think the author of the quote has proven anything - you're just supposed to say whether you personally agree or disagree with the opinion in general, and why.
    - you never do something that's very important for a persuasive essay: acknowledge the complexity of the issue, or acknowledge the "other side." Certainly, a business shouldn't have to release every last possible detail about its products and services; this would be a cumbersome burden and would drive prices up catastrophically in some instances. At the same time, businesses know their own offerings best and should have to provide reasonable information to potential customers, including features, functionality, performance, potential dangers or health hazards, and so on.

    Also, remember that the expectations for an argument essay are fairly different than the expectations for an issue essay. In an issue essay, you do not need to address the author's chain of thought or proof to defend his opinion. (And you should NOT do this, because the instructions don't ask you to do this.) Instead, you need to provide your own opinion on the issue and support that opinion with relevant, real-world examples.

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    AbhishekGakhar Senior | Next Rank: 100 Posts Default Avatar
    08 May 2008
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    Post Thu Jul 31, 2008 8:45 am
    Thanks a ton!! I will take note of this.

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