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Earning while Learning Abroad: FutureWorks Explains

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03 May 2011
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Earning while Learning Abroad: FutureWorks Explains Post Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:54 pm
Studying abroad is definitely not a cheap deal so most of the students must earn simultaneously to give themselves a firm financial footing. As an international student you also have to realize how to work within the visa guidelines alloted to you. In most western countries including the US, Visas come with a 20 hour per week work permit (which changes to 40 hours during vacations). In the US however, students visa broadly fall under 3 categories:

a)F Visas; for people who want to study & research full time at an accredited US academic institute
b)M Visas; for students who want to study or train at a non academic or vocational institute in the US
c)J Visas; for people participating in an student exchange program in the US.

Two important employment opportunities available to an international student are:

On-campus jobs - There are many work-study programs in which students can work part time on-campus and earn money.
Off campus jobs - After the first academic year is over, international students often pick up off campus jobs in effort to earn more, but also, to gain more exposure to the American culture and be in a more independent environment away from the protected confines of the campus.

To read about the opportunities in details click on the following link: http://futureworks.co.in/knowledgecenter/blog/earn-while-you-learn-abroad-fwc-foreign-students-friday.htm

Kavita Singh
FutureWorks Consulting

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Post Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:54 pm
Hey thanks a lot for information.
How much time before going abroad, should visa be applied??

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