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Confused About Books?

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abclas3 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
28 May 2012
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Confused About Books?

Post Mon May 28, 2012 2:54 am
2nd Semester is a Semester to Enjoy as all the activities (Read this twice if u r in MAIT ) take place during this period only and the Weather along with fun days like Valentines Day, Rose day, chocolate day etc make the College a very Happening Place

But Studies are important as well and you need to balance this thing to participate in events as well as taking care of studies side by side

Cosmos sir has given a Great guide so read it before this
So read on for strategies for different subjects!

Applied Mathematics-2

Easier than 1st Sem. Just Follow VP MISHRA, do all solved examples and you are good If you wanna really score well then do the exercise too.
Do LAPLACE TRANSFORMATION with utmost dedication as it is also a part of your 3rd sem (THE SAME SYLLABUS).Vector calculus can be tricky and needs attention too.

Last year Exam paper was average on difficulty and had many easy questions but had few bouncers too. Just pay some attention in class and practice solved examples and you will get really good marks!
Checking last year was good. Cleared this subject with 87 marks.


Difficult than 1st sem physics, this is a very confusing subject. Contains many derivations which can be very difficult to learn. Ratta subject but its very difficult to rattify Chapters become much easier as the course goes on. If you are good at memorizing u can really score well in this subject.
BOOK- SP taneja is good enough, though sometimes Notes can be good.

exam last year was relatively easier than prev years. Nailed it with 91 marks

Environmental Chemistry

Its EVS. Looks a very easy subject and it is easy. It is total Ratta and if you have general awareness, u can easily cover up the syllabus.
BOOKS- Notes along with Sunita Rattan

Exam last year was difficult but the checking was even poorer. Many students got a BACK, so pay attention. Sad
Cleared it with 80 marks.


An easy subject if you had c++ in 12th and a Nightmare if you didnt. Contains basic proggramming skill based questions.
BOOK- Deepak Gupta- if you didnt have c++ n want to score good.
Yashwant kanetkar- If u prev had c++ and want to master this subject. U can consider this book even when u want to learn and form a strong base of this subject.

Exam last year was F%%K'd Up. Every question had coding and theory was almost NIL. The Checking was even more Horrendous. My exam went well but scored just 67 while many who knew just the header files got 80


If you hated physics of 11th standard (I DID!) then this subject will give you more reasons to hate it. Completely Numerical Based subject.
I followed the following things and mastered this subject.
1) Attend Class (if u have a decent teacher). My attendence was almost 90% in this subject while i had not even 50% in others

2) Do every solved question of AK TAYAL yourself. U just need this book and nothing else. No notes no nothing. BUY THE LATEST EDITION which covers the last topic as well( beams)

Exam last year was quite out of pattern and many questions were from IIT exam
Many people got back. Cleared it with 87 marks

Electrical Science

MASS BACK subject Wink Can be very tricky at times so pay attention. Buy JB GUPTA and read theory from it. Uk Jha is a good book to practice numericals. Practice questions and ull do just fine
Exam last year was easier than prev years and cleared it with 75 marks.

Communication Skills-2

As many people say, the Faaltu Subject. It has great importance though for developing good writing skills. Follow the NOTES and ull clear it if you are good at writing. Its a scoring subject. Improve your PRESENTATION, use pencil to draw boxes, proper lines etc and u will get extra marks. Buy CB GUPTA for BTECH as it helps with its examples.
Exam last year was easy. Cleared it with 66 marks.

Hope it clears your queries and calm your nerves

Thanks & Regards
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