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Best MBA Admissions Consulting Service?

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pitroncoso Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
28 Jan 2017
1 messages
Post Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:02 am
I had very little time, so I worked with Poonam Tandon (myEssayReview) on a tight schedule (just 72 hrs!) without any extra charges, and with pretty convenient prices.

I thought being advised by a PhD in English Literature, who loves writing, and with proven track record reviewing successful essays for top-ranked business schools was my best possible choice. We communicated by skype and email, and I always received timely and clear answers that guided me to write more efficiently and effectively. Poonam and I discussed my personal and professional background and then she made sharp suggestions of the strongest topics to address the essay questions. As a result, I confidently chose my topics and focused on developing them. Also, Poonam gave me clear directions about format and structure, along with guidelines to ‘unleash’ my stories in a more compelling and thorough way. Finally, she edited my essays to trim them to the word limits and corrected grammatical mistakes.

Poonam also helped me build a strong resume, which I plan to use for the recruiting process also. First, she provided me with a format that made me gain more space to focus on professional accomplishments. Then, she helped me strengthen every bullet point by choosing appropriate action verbs and focus on the outcomes. Finally, with the structure she suggested, I was able to better highlight other areas such as academic accomplishments and personal interests, making a well-rounded resume.

We worked fast, with turn-arounds in less than 24 hours, so despite time constraints, I built strong essays and resume well before each deadline. I couldn’t be more grateful to Poonam as she agreed to provide such dedication and support without any extra charge for rush service.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Poonam, She not only provided me with the best possible technical advice, but she also helped me boost my confidence at a point of weakness and tiredness. I had high expectations and the results were far better than expected. I am accepted into Ross with full scholarship.. This accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without her strong advice I would recommend her services to everyone.

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WonderPuppy Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
08 Feb 2017
1 messages
Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:17 am
I absolutely loved my experience at StratusPrep. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get accepted by top MBA programs in the US. Personally, Stratus has helped to me to get into my dream school, a top top MBA program.

My primary counselor was Donna, and my senior strategist was Susan. I initially signed up for the four school package. Then I added three more schools in R2.

Reasons why I really enjoyed working with Donna

1)She was extremely responsible and fully committed to my success. Her average turnover time was about 24 hours. She was incredibly responsive even throughout the holiday seasons.

2)She took the time to get to know me as a person. I felt that I was being treated as a friend or a family member. One example to demonstrate that, she actually suggested that I should not waste my money to apply to the seventh school on my list (which was another safety school) when I was accepted by my dream school, even though she would make less money as a result. I also met her in person when I was visiting UNC. She showed me around town and bought me lunch before my interview.

3)She is remarkably knowledgeable about UNC and Kellogg. I mean she is a great counselor for any schools, but you are specifically interested in these two great schools, she is definitely the person to go to. She had worked on the admissions team at UNC for many years. Nobody knows UNC better than she does! As a Kellogg alum who had interviewed applicants in the past, she knows how to prepare you for anything.

4)Donna did not pressure me into anything. From selecting schools to writing the essays and to deciding which school to matriculate (Yes, I am very lucky to have two great options so far), she was there to help me evaluate the pros and cons, and it was essentially up to me to make the decision.

Reasons why I am glad I chose Stratus

1)Their 4+ school guarantee made me feel secure about spending this amount of money, even though I was lucky not to end up using it. Like I mentioned before, you can choose any schools for this guarantee to work. Counselors at Stratus will not force you to apply to safety schools if you don't want to.

2)The secondary viewer was particularly helpful at helping me identify possible weaknesses that I had missed. It was like having two counselors to help me at the same time for the price of one.

3)My senior strategist Susan knew every school inside and out. Even though I did not work with her directly, she helped me to build the framework in my every essay.

AGLG Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
01 Mar 2017
1 messages
Post Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:56 am
I would recommend StratusPrep to anyone who is serious about MBA applications and personal growth.

I think Stratus has its own standardized way of coaching people, but my strategists in particular are very responsible and experienced. I chose to work with Donna because she is a veteran in business school admissions, so is my senior strategist Susan.

Donna has been always available when I had new ideas and wanted to run it by her. Her timely feedback and suggestions were extremely constructive and realistic. I felt like she is invested in helping me not only to getting into my chosen MBA but also my long-term success.

The result is that I got accepted to all the schools that I applied to, with financial help. I am very grateful for Donna and Susan. I am glad that I placed trust in them.

I have already recommended Donna to my friends who are currently applying to MBA. Good luck to everyone! Well, maybe you don't need it if you have Donna and Susan helping you.

Post Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:48 am
Hello, from Ithaca! I am Mani. I worked at a top Analytics firm in India before b-school and my goal was to get into consulting after my MBA from a top US university.

The first step was to decide whether to take the help of a consultant and after talking to friends and students I decided to take help. Taking a consultant is personal choice. I took one as I thought it would add value and the competition from India is very high. Choose your consultant carefully and trust her or him once you start the process. (I worked with Rajdeep Chimni at www.admissionsgateway).

I found it helpful to start 6 months before and outline an exhaustive plan leading up to the deadlines so that I could map everything out and there was no rush. This helped me submit applications in R1 rather than scrambling later on. One advantage is that you can see the round 1 result and act accordingly in R2. It also allows you to take more risk as you have more time to do applications.

The second part was building the resume. I suggest you customize your resume as per the goals. Everyone knows the STAR format but there are different levels of implementation depending on whether you understand the ‘situation’ of the work you are doing. My resume took 22 iterations but from there my stories were set and I learnt how to portray myself both on paper and in an interview.

Next, was the outlining of the goals. Usually you have an overall goal but please look into the specifics like which industry, how to align this with your overall profile or if you are a career changer what skills do you currently have. I would say talk with the maturity of someone who is 3 months into those goals rather than someone who wants to do something but has not totally researched it.

Keep your personal style in the essays and customize each essay to the school. Do not use the same essays if you think the prompt is similar. Whet your essays once even after you have whetted them. Even my optional essays were tailored to the school I was applying to.

Thanks to the Admissions Gateway team for helping me meet my goals. These are some tips I learned and hope they help you. The last thing is that you should continuously improve from each application and interview, absorb the feedback and become better. This build up will lead you to good results in the end. Admissions Gateway has a great track record for top-15 MBA admissions and I highly recommend them.

Best of luck,

claracy Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
21 Mar 2017
1 messages
Post Tue Mar 21, 2017 11:36 am
I had the pleasure of working with Donna Bauman from Stratus. I selected her as a consultant because of her extensive expertise as an admissions professional. The admissions perspective was key in helping me narrow exactly how I wanted to tell my story and what areas of my professional experience to focus on.

Donna was patient with my last-minute changes and was a constant presence throughout the process. Stratus matches applicants with an additional layer of review with school-specific consultants (typically alumni) to help applicants perfect their essays and prepare for interviews.

I am overall very happy with Stratus and the results they helped me achieve. I was admitted to an M7 Business School with mean-level numbers. It's a bit on the pricey side but the constant, calm presence and expertise of several consultants throughout the process is really worth it. Strongly recommend.

cjsmith22 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
20 Aug 2016
1 messages
Post Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:25 pm
Stratus Admissions was exactly what I was looking for in a MBA admissions consultant. I originally signed up for the two school package with Donna Bauman and could not have been happier with my selection.

Overall, everyone from the senior strategists to the sales team makes you feel as if you are their only client. My admissions consultant, Donna, was wonderful throughout the R1 and R2 admissions process. She really pushed me to dig deep and encouraged me to slow down, reflect, and put my best application forward. During the application process, Donna was there for my every question and always available to bounce ideas off of, even on the weekends! The thoughtfulness of Donna's feedback and advice throughout my business school application process really made me feel as if I were her only client.

Additionally, what I really found unique and beneficial about Stratus was the team-based approach whereby a senior strategist and school-specific reviewer were available to share their expertise, rather than just be isolated to a single consultant.

This fall, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a M7 MBA program. I highly recommend Stratus Admissions if you are considering applying to a MBA program. Although costly, the benefits gained from having someone to continually motivate and push you to put your best work product forward throughout the grueling admissions process are priceless.

bamclell Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
04 Jul 2015
1 messages
Post Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:13 pm
I had a rudimentary idea of what I wanted to write about, but working with my Stratus Prep Counselor elevated my essays to a higher level and helped me craft a unique story that wove together my passions, experiences and goals. Beyond the technical aspects, my Counselor helped me maintain sanity through the stressful MBA admissions process and gave me invaluable advice and inspiration when I needed it most. Ultimately, I was invited to interview at 7 of 8 schools and was accepted into my preferred program. I firmly believe that Stratus Prep strengthened my candidacy tremendously.

caihsiao Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
05 Apr 2017
1 messages
Post Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:29 pm
I would strongly recommend my consultant Paul Bodine who helped me with my MBA application.

I could hardly believe it when I received the admit phone call from Stanford GSB. So excited!!! I contacted Paul in November because I had read and really liked his book. I used both his "all-in" and hourly service for my round 2 MBA application. I was admitted to Stanford GSB and Chicago Booth (with $40k scholarship), and got waitlisted at HBS. Paul provided tremendous help in almost all aspects of my application - from school selection, essay editing to the data section review and the mock interview. His deep expertise and insights was crucial to the success.

danielhoke90 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
05 Sep 2017
1 messages
Post Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:03 pm
I hope this review is helpful to anyone applying to business school and wants to make the best possible decision to be successful: hire Bill at Stacy Blackman Consulting. It's that simple.

I was actually working with another consulting company and felt out of control. I had hired them several months in advance with the thought that I would slowly work on my three applications, no rush, no panic. But I was not making progress and felt like I just was not getting the type of direction I needed, I was not sure of my essay topics or even that sure of my schools. Everything felt half baked. When a friend mentioned that she was working with SBC and was very happy I decided what the hell, hire them for a few hours and see what they could do. I started working with Bill and he literally rescued me from the flames. The difference was so obvious - he added clarity to my application, guided me in picking out schools and coming up with topics to use in my essays. We had a great conversation where I hung up knowing what to do. I had focus and direction instead of utter confusion and chaos. So one step at a time, we worked together and created great apps. By then I was down to 5 weeks until deadline and in a panic. But Bill was calm and cool and responsive. Every time we spoke or emailed I made progress and things moved in the right direction, at a good pace.

In five weeks we exchanged hundreds of emails and went through 30+ essay drafts - cant really believe it.

The approach we took was completely different from what I was doing before. There was a strategy behind the whole story and it really reflected me. In the end I pulled off a hat trick with acceptances to three schools! As Bill knows, he has my eternal gratitude.

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