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Analysis of an Issue

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02 Jun 2008
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Analysis of an Issue Post Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:37 pm
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    Work Greatly Influences People's Personal Lives - their special interests, their leisure activities and even their appearance away from the work place.


    In this morden era of commercialism, where an employee's average work week is more than 60 hours a week, work is bound to influence the persona of a person. Usually, people spend more time at work then at home and hence the impact of the work related culture greatly impacts his associated thought process. The author has accurately pointed out that work not only influence his personal life, special interest, leisure activites but also his appearance.

    Firstly, with the rise of multinationals, employee workfoce has to cater to a global clientele, who have vaired interests. Due to such a work culture the employee is exposed to varied kind of interests previously unavailable to him. An interesting example here could be quoted from the field of populatrity of European Soccer among Indians, who provide software services to most European and North American nations. The viewership of the English football has increased in India mostlty becasue of employees exposure to English culture and their leisure activites.

    Secondly, since most of a person's time is spent at office, therefore the greater his job satisfaction and the lower his frustration levels the more happy he is. He is bound to carry the same mood, when he walks in to his home. A satisfied and contended employee effuses a positive energy, which will bring joy to the people around him. On the other hand, we have often heard of cases where extreme levels of stress at work, have made people to go in to a state of depression and sometimes unfortunately to suicide as well.

    Simiarly, the leisure activities of people in a simialar job are different from the others in a different job. An interesting example here can be from the Software industry whose employees show more affinity towards the activies which involve more analytical skills, whereas people from the manufacturing industry may not like to involve in analytical sovling skills, but rather something more labour intensive.

    Lastly, the work culture not only do impact the appearance but also personality of a person. For example, consider the thought process of a hourly worker, whcih is miles apart from that of the vice president of the same organisation. Their vision is entirely differen from one another because the way they view the facts at their work. An hourly worker will always have a narrower vision than that of the vice president, which is because of the responsibility they own at work. The work culure differentiates the way he commands the team, the way he leads and the way he publically expresses himself.

    As it sums up in the views quoted above, the work culture has more impact on an employees life than ever before. Some of them are positive and some of them are negative. It mostly depends upon the individuals as to how they take it, In my opinion i will observe the Glass to be half full, rather than its Half empty.

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    Post Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:40 am
    Good job on the format of your essay, but a few thoughts for improvement: try to make the time to proofread your essay for spelling and grammatical mistakes (!), and maybe think about only writing three body paragraphs (instead of four) to give you enough time to support each claim more thoroughly (most of your paragraphs are of a nice length though). Also, try to use specific examples that are proper nouns (names, places, works of literature, etc.).

    I'd give this a 3 or 4. Good luck!

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