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Advice - GMATPrepNow

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Mike2805 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts
27 Oct 2016
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Advice - GMATPrepNow

Post Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:58 pm
Hi Brett,

First, I really want to thank you for your wonderful study plan,
I've started your course on December 1st and taken the GMAT test yesterday (a total of around 300 hours of effort!).
Unfortunately, I didn't hit my target score, I aimed at 720+ and got 680 (Q-49, V-34, IR-5).
I feel a little frustrated since all my official GMAT mock tests have been better except one.
I’m not a native speaker, but your study plan allowed me to score constantly above 35 on verbal. As I said, unfortunately, the real one was only 34.
I reviewed all questions from tests and noted insights and tips in OneNote.
I’ve solved all OG questions from your course, and also the verbal and quant reviews questions.
And all in a timed manner.
I’ve tracked all questions in excel and repeated wrong ones and those I thought the time to resolve was too long.
Below is my total performance for OG questions:
SC - 82.1%
CR - 88.7%
RC - 83.5%
PS - 90%
DS - 85.6%

Below are described all my scores (official mock tests + Exam Pack2 for 2 additional official ones and all 7 Veritas mock tests):

GMATPrep Exam 1 (first evaluation) 03/12/2016
Q 46 V 34 IR 4 Total 650

GMATPrep Exam 1 05/02/2017
Q 47 V 40 IR 8 Total 710

Veritas 3 07/02/2017
Q 48 V 33 IR 6 Total 660

Veritas 4 16/02/2017
Q 50 V 36 IR 5 Total 700

Veritas 5 15/03/2017
Q 48 V 37 IR 6 Total 690

Manhattan GMAT 17/03/2017
Q 46 V36 IR 6 Total 680

Kaplan GMAT 20/03/2017
Q47 V38 IR2 Total 690

Economist Brightest Competition 22/03/2017
Total 720 (no other info)

Economist Free CAT 26/03/2017
Q50 V32 IR 1 Total 660

Veritas 6 31/03/2017
Q48 V33 IR4 Total 660

Veritas 7 04/04/2017
Q48 V41 IR4 total 720

GMATPrep Exam 2 13/04/2017
Q 48 V35 IR8 Total 680

GMATPrep ExamPack1 test1 19/04/2017
Q49 V41 IR7 Total 740

GMAT Prep ExamPack1 test2 23/04/2017
Q49 V38 IR6 Total 710

I think I could have scored a lot better, so I really need your advice. Here are my questions:
What are my next steps?
How can I achieve my score?
When to schedule another test? (I’m not going to give up!)

Also, during the test, we had a fire alarm with loud repetitive automated instructions to evacuate the building (for about 7-8 minutes) that made me lose my focus even if nobody seemed to evacuate. 2 minutes later (after the endless automated messages), a human announcement told us it was a malfunction. I was so stressed that I didn't say anything to the ladies at the test center but I wrote an e-mail to Pearson customer service after the test. Do you know what are my rights under such circumstances?

Thanks a lot for everything,

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Post Mon May 01, 2017 5:15 am
Hi Mike,

It certainly looks like you're on the track. 680 is already very close to your target score if you consider the fact that GMAC (the GMAT test-maker) has stated that the Official Score that you receive on test day is within +/- 30 points of your actual ability.

It's hard to tell what you need to do to from here to improve. If anything, it's quite possible that the disruption at the test center lowered your score, and that you would have scored 680+ if the test
conditions were more favorable.

That said, to increase the likelihood of achieving your target score next time, I suggest that you spend your time answering 700+ level practice questions and honing your test-taking skills (time management, endurance,

As far as when to schedule, that's tough. I typically suggest that students achieve their target score at least twice before taking an official test, but you have already done this. Perhaps wait until you beat your target score 1 or 2 more times and then take the test.

I hope that helps.


Brent Hanneson – Founder of GMATPrepNow.com
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Thanked by: Mike2805
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