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ahaider1 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
29 Jun 2016
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Post Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:27 pm
It was a long climb for me to reach my 700 GMAT. It was a struggle that took 2+ years and countless moments of doubt and despair. But, I'm here to say, it can be conquered. When I first decided I wanted to take the GMAT, I decided to prepare with Manhattan GMAT Prep Books only. I bought all 10 in the series I decided to finish the series and practice GMAT test book problems. When I took the GMAT, I got rocked. I got a lousy 520. Even worse my Quant was a 25. Math is a strength so I never expected to score so low.
But, I decided that wasn't how I was going to down to this test. I restarted my prep this time with Target Test Prep. I must admit that during this time I was going through an incredibly difficult family situation. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Often times, I was unable to consistently study due to unforeseen hospital visits or issues. I tried to focus at least 3 hours a day towards my math preparation on Target Test prep. Some days I met those goals and some days I did not. It took a good 6 months of preparation for both math and English in order for me to feel prepared to take the GMAT. I scheduled it for this past May. I felt nervous and unprepared.
On the test day, I focused my attention on confidence and quick responsiveness. Problems I didn’t think I could solve in less than 2 minutes I skipped. By skipping, it helped me maintain my flow during my exam. In the math, I finished with 5 minutes left in the section. I thought I hadn’t done well to finish so soon. In the English, I was starting to get tired. I felt myself lingering on problems and I had to rush the last 10. I averaged a minute on the last 10 problems and I regretted not pushing faster earlier. Finally, I clicked to get my score. I was in shock. 700. Q50V35. The verbal was much lower than I expected but my quant was hard to believe. I never expected to hit Quant 50. It took countless hours through personal trial and tribulation. I had many moments of self doubt. But, I take a lot of pride in my perseverance during this time. I’m also thankful for all the help along the way. I hope if you’re reading this, it can provide some type of inspiration if you’re having doubts too. This test can be beaten.

Thanked by: prata
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diegocml Senior | Next Rank: 100 Posts Default Avatar
15 Mar 2016
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Post Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:19 pm
Hi ahaider1,

Congratulations on your score! 700 is a beautiful thing! Not to mention your Q50 - that's sweeeeettt!

What were your quant and verbal marks when you scored 520? Did you score 520 on the real GMAT or on a practice test?

Would you mind telling me how you organized your study schedule to cover both the TTP curriculum and the verbal content? Did you cover 100% of the TTP material (lessons + exercises)? I'm struggling to prioritize things since the TTP content is massive and I wouldn't like to go beyond 6 months just to finish all the lessons and exercises.

Once again, congrats and celebrate! You've persevered, you've gone through adversity and you've earned it!!


1st GMAT attemp: 410 (Q18 V27)
2nd GMAT attemp: 490 (Q35 V23)

lpierce10 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
26 Sep 2011
6 messages
Post Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:34 am
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 700!!! Wow, that's amazing. I'm currently trying to come up from a sub-600 score. Do you think TTP was instrumental in helping you achieve the score? Some of my friends have Target, I'm just wavering as to whether or not I should purchase since I have so many tools already. What are your thoughts?

I have taken an MGMAT course, and I have OG2016, Verbal & Quant (Blue & green books) + Magoosh.

Post Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:32 am
Hi lpierce10,

If you are still considering Target Test Prep, I would be happy to provide a free consultation to help determine whether TTP is right for you. Feel free to PM and we can set up some time to chat.

Jeffrey Miller Head of GMAT Instruction

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